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If for a few years the famous and stylish fixies were the owners of the city, it seems that now they have a new friend: the fat bike. Although they are more designed to roll in the mountains, some can be seen among the cars in the city.



A electric fat tyre bike is nothing more than a bike with a wider tire than normal, between 3.5 and 5 inches. What is special about these bikes besides their peculiar aesthetics? The wheel can be inflated at low pressures (0.5 bar), making the wheel a true all-terrain and suspension.


Usefulness of fat bike?

Fat bike DEMObike Fat bike was originally designed to ride on snow or difficult terrain like sand, but its versatility and comfort to ride on all types of terrain have made it very popular. Just like a 29 ″ wheel makes it easier for you to “eat” the potholes, the fat bike tires are real road-eaters.


Fat bikes were transportation tools, but obviously they have not been launched on the market for this purpose. They can be used on any terrain, although they have great limitations due to the large size of the wheels.


More specifically they are ideal to roll on sand and avoid that the tires are stuck; even if we can give you a very good use in mud and water …


Mud, rain or loose stone from very dry roads, no matter, a Fat Bike will always provide more stability than any other bike and will achieve incredible downhill inertia. However, it will be a complete burden on climbs or flat areas, where we can leave our legs in order to push those wheels … so calm, and enjoy mentality with it.


It is clear that a Fat Bike cannot fulfill the same function as a touring bike, a racing rigid bike or a double suspension. It is a simple bicycle, which can be used to roll on any type of trail, and which in our opinion, can be a bicycle for fun without further concessions.


With one of them, we will get out of the routine, and we will enjoy trails and twisty terrain; with which, even, we will improve our technique by leaps and bounds.