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Must visit places in Brussels


The capital of Belgium as well as a capital of the European Union, Brussels is an important seat in the Royal Family of Belgium. The city is more of an educational and economic hub rather than a beautiful tourist city. However, you can have the true Belgium experience in this area. Booking a hotel in Brussels not a difficult job. You can find many affordable hotels in Brussels. So what’s the wait for? Book your arrangements and make sure to visit the following places while you’re in the city.

  1. Belgium Royal Museum of Fine Arts

Whether you’re an art lover or not, you must visit this museum for its breathtaking display of amazing art. This art gallery is not just one of the best in Belgium, but it ranks as one if the best art galleries in the world. There are two sections in the art gallery. One is for ancient art and the other displays modern art. If your hotel in Brussels is located near Central Brussels, the museum would be walking distance.

  1. Saint-Michel Cathedral

Head over to this Gothic church in Central Brussels. It has towers that extend to 69 meters height. The origin of the church is recorded to be around the year 1225. The current interior is extremely lavish. Religious or not, a visit to the church to look at the architecture of the 15th century is a must.

  1. Grand Place

Grand Place or Grot Markt is the main market plaza of Brussel located in the heart of the city: Brussels’s Old Town. You can experience a unique and antique architecture in the marketplace. With guild houses, gables, brilliant stonework and gold decorations, it is a sight you wouldn’t want to miss. The Grand Place was originally made in the 11th century to become the city’s economic as well as political center. The Marriage Chamber, Council Chamber, Town Hall and banqueting hall are some of the most outstanding features of the place.

  1. Mannekin Pis

This is Brussels’s best known landmark. We’ve all probably heard of this statue at some point in life. The origin of this statue can be traced all the way back to 1388. However, no record of the story behind this statue is known. It is said to be made after some courageous infant. The Mannekin had to be rebuilt in 1619 by Jerome Duquesnoy the Elder. This statue is said to be a representation of the open mindedness of the people of Brussel.

  1. Atomium

The structure that is 102 meters high is made out of steel and aluminum. The structure is a 165 million times magnified diagram of a molecule. Visitors can even enter four of the spheres. Inside these sphere structures, a show called Biogenium is presented. Andre Waterkeyn is the brilliant architect behind this second best landmark of Brussel. It was designed in 1958 for the Brussels World Exhibition. More information about a budget hotel in Brussels? Follow the link, and don’t forget to take a look at the scandinavian restaurant Gard.