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The best attractions to visit by car in Faro

Faro is a multi-purpose city that will attract visitors for various reasons. As a coastal city, it is easy to indulge in the eternal joys of the sun, beaches, bars and seafood. But there is also a rare natural environment off the coast, a lagoon with a labyrinth of waterways between the islands.

The five most visited attractions in Faro

When you rent a car in Faro, you avoid wasting time on public transport. There are so many Faro attractions and places to visit. When you explore this city, you must make sure to visit these five best attractions:

Faro Cathedral

This monument was inaugurated in 1251, only two years after the Moors reconquered Faro. This explains the warlike appearance of the facade, dominated by a square Gothic tower, one of the few things dating back to the early years of the cathedral. You can climb this tower to contemplate the streets of Faro. The rest of the building was modified following an English attack in 1596, which almost destroyed it. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the interiors were enriched with luxurious gold paneling and stylish tile panels.

Ria Formosa Cruise

Faro has a subliminal natural asset, the wonderful nature reserve of Ria Formosa. After 60 km of coastline, the park covers 18,000 hectares of lagoons and swamps, salt marshes, islets and canals. These in turn are protected from the sea by a chain of barrier islets, large sand dunes sculpted by the wind. This valuable and fragile ecosystem is protected and is one of the most important wetland habitats in Europe. Several tourist cruises depart daily from Faro and travel the waters of the lagoon to Ilha Deserta (Desert Island) in an environment teeming with birds, where species such as the pink flamingo and the spoonbill are regularly observed.

The Faro Municipal Museum

It is the second oldest museum in the Algarve. It opened its doors in 1894, on the 500th anniversary of the birth of Henry the Navigator.Most of the collection comes from the Roman period and includes several engraved stones, a 2nd century mosaic and, even better, a pair of marble busts of Emperor Hadrian and Agrippina. The rest of the exhibits tend to be religious works gathered in monasteries and dissolved churches around Faro.

Faro Beach

This beach is the one you can join by road.This is just after the airport, and you can use the bus that serves the airport in central Faro to get there. As with the beaches of the Ria Formosa islands, there is an apparently infinite length of immaculate golden sand with knee-high waves. Where the road crosses the lagoon, there are a multitude of hotels and bars, so you will not lack facilities in the busiest areas.

Milreu Roman Remains

Hundreds of years of history await their story on this hill less than ten minutes from Faro. It started with a sumptuous country villa in the 300s and many foundations and lower floors survived. There are mosaics with bold fish patterns that look almost new, and the internal workings of the baths. The estate had agricultural facilities, such as oil and wine presses, as well as a temple transformed into a Christian place of worship in the 500s. Later, the Moors also used the site until the 900s, and it was proven that they owned a cemetery.

Why rent a car in Faro

Whatever the reason, a Faro car rental is an easy and affordable way to discover the city’s most beautiful sites. The website allows you to rent a car cheaply in Faro, as well as compare prices at several agencies in this city or at the airport, Faro is worth a visit, winding streets, open-air coffee shops, idyllic parks and squares and an attractive marina are all good places for adventure. Add to that beautifully preserved medieval districts, a lively nightlife and attractive beaches, and you have everything you need for a perfect holiday. This way, you will spend less time waiting and more time exploring everything the island has to offer.

Driving in Faro

Remember to bring sunglasses, as sunlight glare can be quite exhausting as a driver.You can find intersections with traffic lights on two-lane roads. Choose an air-conditioned car in summer, you will need it. Choosing a manual car if you can drive one will save you money.