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Wrist Support from Podobrace

Wrist supports are garments that you can wear around your wrist to prevent it from strong usage or to ensure ample healing time. Wrist supports are mostly common during the rehabilitation of the wrist in case of an injury. They are efficient because they help immobilise your joint while generating heat and compression to your affected wrist bones and ligaments.

When wearing wrist supports, you shouldn’t make them too tight since they may exert much pressure on your wrist. Furthermore, when going through a rehabilitation process, your physiotherapist will advise you on when to wear it. Nonetheless, they are worn when taking part in heavy duty tasks involving your hands. Therefore, before doing any difficult tasks, make sure you wear them for 1-2 hours.

You buy some of the best wrist supports from Podobrace since they have a considerable collection of affordable wrist supports.


Types of wrist braces

Wrist braces can help with issues such as common sprains, carpal tunnel and tendonitis. If you are an athlete, you can also benefit from their support and compression. Below are some of the wrist supports that you can buy from Podobrace.


1. Wrist brace

The brace is made of neoprene material, which means it’s wrapable. Therefore, you can easily adjust it. You can use it for mild support level or moderate too. Get these wrist supports if you are suffering from carpal tunnel or tendonitis.


2. Reversible wrist brace

Its material is made of either neoprene or nylon blend and you can wrap it around your wrist. Furthermore, it has an adjustable size, meaning anyone can wear it. The support level is mild and can even get to the maximum level. It’s recommended for sprains, surgery and fractures.


3. Overnight wrist brace

It is made of neoprene or nylon blend and it’s a wrap and sleeve type. The brace is adjustable and best used for sleep and carpal tunnel condition.


4. Bamboo wrist sleeves

This type of wrist brace is made of bamboo charcoal blend and of compression type. The sizes come in small, medium, large and extra-large and great for yoga and sports.



These are but a few of the wrist braces that are offered by Podobrace. For more information about wrist braces, functions, and prices, check out wrist support.