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Buy the last Dresden scraps to complete your own collection

Are you a scrapsheet collector? Then you may be searching for the last Dresden scraps to complete your own collection. Dresden scraps give a little bit of sparkle to every project you have in your head, especially when you want to create something luxurious. Gold and relief are the main characteristics of these kinds of scrapsheets, which make them ideal for all your creative projects around the holiday season! What kind of scrapsheets do you want to use?

How can you find the scrapsheets you still need?

Picture-Scraps is a handmade online reference guide with all kinds of scrapsheets that are available. The person behind this is a collector herself and thus knows what characteristics are important to you. When it comes to Dresden scraps, you may want to have a certain collection of sheets with angels, good-luck charms or Christmas wishes on them. Most of the Dresden scraps are embellished with gold, giving them a luxurious and festive look. It may not be a surprise that the Dresden scraps are especially popular around the holiday season when they are used for cards or scrapbooks. Use the online reference guide to find the nicest scrapsheets for your own collection!

Browse the collection and place your order

Some of the Dresden scraps that can be found at Picture-Scraps can be bought as well. This is ideal when you still need to buy scrapsheets to complete your own collection. Whether the gold-embelled cards are meant for a static collection or you want to use them for handmade Christmas cards, Picture-Scraps has everything you need! You can place your order and after that, they are shipped worldwide. If you have any questions, make sure to ask them. You can use your own native language, as the person behind Picture-Scraps does not shy away from using Google Translate!