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How to improve your reception area

A reception area is one of the first rooms of a building. A room that is entered first, and creates the first and potential lasting impression of the business. The style and design you choose for a reception area is just as important of that of an office.

Creating the right environment that is comfortable, professional and inviting to meet the requires of all different guests is the challenge. From furniture to finishing touches, it’s more than possible to create a reception of dreams, tailored to a multitude of people.

Keep the reception area clean

Clean and tidy doesn’t mean out of sight out of mind. When dealing with visitors on the front desk it should be visibly clean, clear and organised.

Removing all pieces of paper or documents which aren’t applicable to others, cleaning and sanitising the desk through out the day and most of all being organised when a visitor comes to the desk looking for assistance.

Consider your seating

Apart from the reception desk, seating within the area is a pretty big deal. There’s no way to know how long people may have to wait, so comfort should be at the forefront of your mind.

Stay away from stools and plastic chairing as they’re not overly attractive and don’t provide the comfiest of seat. Research cushioned arm chairs and stylish sofas to bring a subtle homely feel into the workplace.

Noise and distractions

Dependant on the type of business you have or the location of the reception area, noise can be a problem in an area that should be chaos free.

This is where acoustic office screens can reduce the noise and make the area feel more private whilst your visitors are waiting to be seen. In addition, the fabric choices and available styles will contribute to the overall style.

Introduce greenery & plants

In any environment, greenery and plants has been proven to lighten mood and de-stress. Incorporating the outdoors brightens the area and welcomes the zen that we all need. Position the plants are part of the background and reap the rewards of your guests who are tranquil and relaxed.