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Is Rent expensive in Milan?

Yes! No! This question has 2 answers which are actually suitable for it. Is rent expensive in Milan? Rents are expensive but rents are overly expensive. The rent can only be expensive if the individual is seeking a perfect apartment in an exclusive area in Milan.

For individuals seeking to rent a house in Milan and are considering their budget, it is bitter to consider renting an apartment in a location that is not close to Milan. Rents in affordable places in Milan costs over 200 Euros per person on a monthly basis. These costs when put together might make it appear expensive to rent homes in Milan.

What is the best way to find a flat in Milan?

There are many ways to get an apartment in Milan. However, it is getting an affordable apartment that matters. As said earlier, it depends on the area the individual intend on staying. If you wish to get a cheap apartment in Milan, you might consider one of the recommended apps that permits individuals to view a wide variety of houses available for sale or rent.

Moreover, you might still look for agents online or offline or real estate in Italy that provides housing services that include houses and their specific prices for rent in their catalogue.

The cost of living in Milan

There are many factors that attribute to the high cost of living in Milan. Most of these factors include the lifestyle of the individual. Renting rooms in Milan is said to cost about 300-400 Euros on the low. Mobile fees cost about 10 Euros. The utilities an individual enjoy is said to be below 50 euros and monthly tickets should be over 35 pounds or lower.

The main factor that should determine the cost of living is the lifestyle of the individual involved. Living a luxury lifestyle elevates the cost of living of an individual due to the expensive facilities and amenities in Milan.

Milan or Venice?

Milan or Venice? Milan is considered one of the most expensive places in Italy. However, Venice seems to also top the list. It is estimated that a family mostly costs amount up 3,115£ and a single individual spends over 894£ monthly in Venice. However, the cost of living can’t be compared to that of Milan as a family spends over 3,450 and a single person monthly costs are estimated to be at 1,790£.

This excludes the lifestyle of those in Venice as it is known that the cost of lifestyle in Venice is exorbitant. The difference is clear, it is left for the individual to choose his /her preferences according to the available resources.


Going through the article, it is observed that both Milan and Venice are quite expensive to live in. However, it is better to consider the costs, the environment and moreover, the suitability so as to make a good choice when renting an apartment. Moreover, real estate in Italy might be of help. Generally, preference should be considered when renting an apartment in Milan.