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Lead-Lined Waste Cabinet vs. Lead-Lined Generator and Storage Cabinet

In this article, we are going to discuss the difference and characteristics between Lead-Lined Waste Cabinet vs. Lead-Lined Generator and Storage Cabinet. These are among must-have lead-lined cabinets if you work with radioactive materials.

Waste Container with Lead Lining

You can store “non-sharp” radioactive waste inside. A large chute with a protected lid enables garbage to be deposited into a polyethylene container before decomposition and disposal are completed.

Lead-lined generator and storage cabinet

To prevent the elution process from being hampered, the generator and storage cabinet offer radiation shielding for the hot lab. Generators may be loaded from the top, side, or bottom of the left drawer.

Additionally, the drawer features lead shielding on all four sides and the bottom, ranging from.5″ to.25″ thick. The generator may be replaced by removing the drawer top. The generator may be accessed safely by trap doors on the top and sides of this drawer. Decomposing generators may be stored in two separate compartments on the cabinet’s right side.

Shipping Lead Cabinets: Q&A

What method of delivery do you use?

It all depends on the goods and the amount you’re looking to purchase. A single piece of lead glass and/or lead-lined window frame, or a single lead-lined door and its frame, would normally shipped on a common carrier trailer.

This product would normally be carried by flatbed truck if there was enough lead-lined drywall or lead-lined plywood in the shipment to warrant it (35 or more). Lead-lined plywood and drywall orders of 35 sheets or more will be delivered on a flatbed vehicle.

Where do I find my strips and plugs? Because of my lead-protected walls, I can only see the pallet.

They are sent on top of the lead-lined drywall pallet in a cardboard box. Remove the bands and raise the cardboard covering to reveal them.

When installing leaded glass, how should I prevent the glass from coming into contact with the frame?

 Double-sided foam glazing tape is what we suggest. Other items like neoprene or glazing putty have worked just as well for our clients.

How does lead angle system work in these cabinets?

Lead angles eliminate the requirement for strips or plugs by eliminating the necessity for wires. Every stud (not only those with joints) would get a lead angle, and a third angle would be put in the corner. Even though the lead angle technique requires more material, removing the lead discs from large works (40 sheets or more) may save time and money.