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Underfloor heating in The Lake District in Cumbria


Cumbria, situated in the North west of England, home to the country’s most visited Lake District national park. It’s a place of natural beauty. Woodland, mountains and lakes. In 2016 it had over 40 million visitors. As a result, it has become a place where luxury is considered top of the list when looking for a house or running a hotel. Close behind luxury comes the environment, paying attention to the environment in Cumbria is vital due to the natural surroundings and amount of people commuting and living in the county.

Underfloor Heating Cumbria

In recent times, there has been an increase in the amount of new builds and home improvements in Cumbria especially. People are considering luxury and maybe forget the environment when designing and dreaming up their ideal home. The answer is simple, use Underfloor Heating Cumbria. Its efficient as it saves money and energy. There has been an influx in country homes and nice houses in Cumbria. This means underfloor heating has to be an option. At incognito we seriously believe in protecting the environment and believe that it is vital to promote it and get it into as many homes as possible.

(photo credits: Architectural photographer Edinburgh)

So, have you got a home in Cumbria? Have you got Underfloor heating? Blow away your design limitations and enjoy a brilliant home in a brilliant place. Imagine enjoying your natural surroundings in true style and proper comfort. People query as to the attraction to underfloor heating and why it is such a nice feature if you are looking for true comfort and stylish surroundings. The answer is simple, consistent warmth all through your house is guaranteed and freedom for design within your home is made so much easier without radiators, there are no limitations.

Back to Cumbria, Incognito are currently working with Cumbrian Homes on their new site called Carleton Manor Park. The Park is a redevelopment of the late Tudor Carleton Manor of the 16th Century. Cumbrian Homes have taken this regal heritage and redeveloped the Carleton Manor and have styled similarly a range of three to four bed homes and a number of 2 bed luxury apartments. These family homes are fashionable, Luxury and beautifully styled. What really pushes them forward in comparison to any other luxury home developments is the installation of underfloor heating. These 41 desirable dwellings stand proud within the heart of the beautiful Eden Valley. In essence, the Carleton Manor Park includes: beautiful manicured gardens, illustrious styled interiors and amazingly stylish 16th century exterior design.

Cumbrian Homes, although looking for luxury, knew that if these homes were to fit in with the surrounding area they must be seen as energy efficient. They approached Incognito Heat Co and we have worked with them to help create that beautiful blend of luxury, comfort and efficiency